The Duryea brothers – Charles Duryea (1861 – 1939) and Frank Duryea (1870 – 1967) are credited with creating Americas first practical Gasoline powered automobile in the year 1892.

Their automobile went on to win the 1895 Times-Herald, $2000  prize money race of 54 Miles in about 10 hours beating the German imports. The automobile was fitted with a single cylinder , 4 HP engine with electic ignition.

The Dureya motor wagon company started in 1896 and was finally closed down in 1917.

Logo of the Steven – Duryea.

A  Stevens-Duryea car. Stevens-Duryea company ceased production in 1924.

While the Duryea brothers is generally credited with producing America’s first practical Gasoline powered automobile , John William Lambert is rumoured to have made first 3 wheeled gasoline powered motocycle in 1891.