Scottish Engineer Alexander Wilson founded the Alex Wilson and Company in 1857 to manufacture pumps and marine engines. In 1897, the company was renamed as Vauxhall Iron Works after the city of Vauxhall where it was located.

In 1903 , Vauxhall Iron Works started manufacturing cars and the first car was a 4-seater with the driver seated behind the passengers and steering through a tiller mechanism.

A 1903 Vauxhall

In 1907 the company was renamed as Vauxhall Motors.

In 1908, Vauxhall developed the famous Y-Type Y1 car for the RAC Scottish reliability trials which spawned a new series of successful cars named as A-type.

Some of the famous Vauxhall cars –

A 1912 Vauxhall A-type  –

A 1912 Prince Henry

A 1920 Vauxhall Velox
In 1925 Vauxhall Motors was acquired by General Motors of USA. Post the takeover, Vauxhall was integrated in to the European operations of General Motors along with Opel.
A 1950 Post War Vauxhall Velox
A 1975 Vauxhall Chevette related to Chevrolet –
A modern speedster Vauxhall VX220
The Vauxhall logo –
The logo was derived from the coat of arms of Fulk le Breant