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Marius Berliet (1866 – 1949), of France started experimenting with engines and cars in 1894/95 and produced a single cylinder engine car.This car sold only a few numbers till 1900. By 1900, Berliet designed and manufactured reliable cars.



In 1902, Berliet bought the factories of Audibert & Lavirotte and started manufacturing 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder cars. In 1906, financial troubles led Berliet to sell design licenses to American Locomotive Co (ALCO) to manufacture Berliet design cars.


Marius Berliet was interested in manufacturing large trucks and by 1917 was a supplier of trucks  for the French army. Cars continued to be manufactured till 1936 and one of the famous car was the Berliet Dauphine with independent front suspension.



After cessation of car manufacture, Berliet continued to build large trucks. One large truck was the 1957 , Berliet T100 –



Berliet Logo –



While Berliet had no connection with manufacture of Locomotives, the logo depicts a locomotive. It is believed that this was related to the financial bailout by ALCO in 1906 which led to the adoption of this logo by Marius Berliet.


Berliet was taken over by Citroen in 1967 and when Citroen was taken over by Peugeot , the Berliet brand was sold to Renault. Renault integrated Berliet in to Saviem and then RVI which became Renault trucks. Renault trucks currently with Volvo group.


A Berliet Truck seen in the 2010 Paris Motor Show –




Louis Francois Rene Panhard ( 1841 – 1908 ) and Emile Levassor (1843 – 1897) formed a car making company in 1887 with the engine licensed from Daimler.

In 1890 , they produced their first car powered by a 2 cylinder Daimler engine, mounted in the middle.

In 1891 , they produced the next car with a completely new layout , with the engine & radiator in the front , driving the rear wheels through a clutch and transmission. This layout became the standard architecture for the automobile for the next 100 years, called the Systeme Panhard.

The logo of Panhard et Levassor

Panhard and Levassor has been involved in many automotive innovations including using the famed Sleeve Valve, Kinight engines in their cars in the 1920s. Another major innovation was the invention of the track bar to locate the rear axle in multi-link suspension designs, aptly called the Panhard rod.

Panhard & Levassor was taken cover by Citroen in 1965 and the car brand was retired in 1968. One of the last cars made by Panhard & Levassor was a Panhard 24 CT.

Panhard & Levassor continued to make tactical & military equipment for the French Army and was merged with PSA group when Peugeot took over control of Citroen during 1974 . In 2005, Panhard was acquired by Auverland, another major military equipment manufacturer and the Panhard name lives on.