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Brothers John Francis Dodge (1864 – 1920) and Horace Elgin Dodge (1868 – 1920) were excellent machinists and had developed a name for their ability to mass produce precision parts. In 1900, they created Dodge Brothers Company and were supplying to Engine and chassis components to many automobile companies. They earned a reputation of being dependable.
In 1902 , they received an order to supply  3000 transmissions to Old Motor Works. Later they received and order for 650 Engines and transmission from Ford Motor Company. As time progressed , they were supplying most of the parts to Ford Motor Company and were fully dependent on the Ford Motor Company for survival.
Dodge brothers realised this dependence on Ford and wanted to move out and manufacture their own car. In 1914, they formed Dodge Brothers Inc to manufacture cars and introduced their first car – Dodge Model 30 in 1915.
A 1915  Dodge Model 30
The model 30 had many features which were not available in other cars as well as Ford’s car – All Steel body, 12V electrical system and 3-speed sliding gear transmission to name a few.
In 1917 , Dodge expanded in to manufacturing “commercial cars” – Ambulances, fire trucks, panel vans, delivery vans and later full size trucks. A fleet of 1920 Dodge delivery trucks –
The word RAM was first used in the early 1930s and later popularized in the 1970s to brand the Dodge trucks.
In 1920 , both the Dodge brothers died suddenly,  within a year of each other. The management of the company passed to their wives. In 1928 , the Dodge Brothers Inc was sold to a consortium who sold it to Chrysler Corporation.
Some of the well known Dodge cars are –
A 1939 Dodge Luxury Liner

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Durango

A 1989 Dodge Ram

High Performance car – the Dodge Viper

In 1998 , Chrysler Corporation merged with Daimler to form Daimler- Chrysler. In 2007, Daimler divested Chrysler to a consortium which was later bought by Fiat.

The Dodge Logos –

Edoardo Bianchi (1865 – 1946) –  an Italian,  started designing and manufacture of bi-cycles in the year 1885. Bianchi was the first to introduce same size tyres in the front and rear and in 1889 introduced Dunlop pneumatic tyres. In 1895 , he was called on to supply bicycle and train Queen Margharita on bi-cycle riding . This resulted in Bianchi designing the first “Ladies Bi-cylcle”.
Bianchi is to be pronounced as bee-ahn-kee.
In 1897, Bianchi expanded in to manufacture of Motorcycles and in 1898 designed the first Motor car. The first motor car named Bianchina was 2 bi-cycles welded together with a De-dion engine mounted in between , driving the rear wheels.
From 1901 onwards Bianchi cars became advanced in terms of engine sizes and transmission types. A 1901 Bianchi car –
From 1914 onward , the Bianchi cars were named as S- series and one of the famous car was the 1937 Bianchi Tipo S9 –
In 1955, Bianchi was taken over by Fiat Pirelli and integrated in to its Lancia operations. The brand was renamed as Autobianchi. Fiat used Autobianchi to test new technologies and concepts and later on introduce it on Fiat cars. The famed F.I.R.E engine was tested on Autobianchi cars. Fiat sold the Autobianchi cars as Autobianchi in Italy and as Lancia overseas.. Some of the well known Autobianchi cars were – Autobinachi A112 & Autobianchi Y10

The last of the Autobianchi cars were produced in 1995.

The Bianchi Autobianchi  Logo –


FIAT – Cars for the common man

Giovanni Agnelli (1866 – 1945), along with some of his friends speculated on producing cars. In 1899,  a new company by name FIAT was formed – FIAT being the acronym for Soceita Anonima Fabbrica Italiana di Avtomobili Torino. In English , it means Italian Automobile manufacturing company of Turin. In 1899, they made 8 units of their car fitted with a cylinder, 3.5 HP vehicle , called the FIAT 3 1/2  CV.

1899/1900 – FIAT 3 1/2  CV

FIAT was an active participant in racing and by mid 1900s , they had already toppled the Panhard cars in racing. Vincenzo Lancia (founder of Lancia) was one of the star race car drivers for FIAT.

In the 1920s, FIAT built one of the world-famous car factory in Lingotto. This factory had 5 floors and a test track on the top floor. Raw material entered the ground floor and finished cars appeared in the top floor , ready to be tested in the test track on the top floor. This factory operated till it was closed down in 1982.

Top view of the Lingotto factory

FIAT manufactured many famous models which sold many million copies across the world – Fiat 300, Topolino, Fiat 600, Fiat 500, Fiat 1100, Fiat 124 , Fiat Uno.

The Logo of FIAT – the first and the current –


Fiat acquired Ferrari & Lancia in 1969/70 , integrated Abarth in to Lancia , acquired Maserati in 1993. In 2009 , FIAT started acquiring stake in Chrysler and now has about 60% stake.

FIAT continues to be one of  the top 10 Automobile manufacturers in the world today.